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Featured Work

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Featured Work

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Fotógrafo Casamentos Portugal

My Story

Hello! I am Diogo, I was born and I live in Lisbon. From very early on I discovered my passion for photography when I "ruined" the kodak films on my mother's camera. I graduated in science from the “Instituto Superior de Agronomia” and the University of Évora.

I love shooting weddings and happy days. It is addictive to portray these moments through my photographs. I prefer a creative, simple, modern and relaxed photographing style, in a more documentary style that ends up recording true moments. I assure you that you will not notice me on the day of your wedding, but that my photographs will leave you with a huge smile. For this I need to know your story a little better. If you are interested in my work write me an email telling your story. Mine can be seen on Facebook or Instagram. I'll give you a little peek below.

I was born on May 7, I am a Taurus, but the most interesting thing is that I was born on the year of the Dragon (and I have always been fascinated with dragons). I have a cat, a dog and a bird, all are girls, Ruby, Skye and Gina respectively. They were all rescued from the streets and their story would translate to a long movie. Friends always ask me if they get along ... they are not the best friends in the world, but they get along. I love the Alentejo region and whenever I can I go there, it is my refuge place when I need to rest. The late afternoons in Alentejo region are magical, being one of the favorite moments to photograph. That soft light lets you create unique effects in the photos.

I graduated in Biology at the “Instituto Superior de Agronomia” and then I completed my master's degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Évora. My childhood was spent traveling through Portugal, where I traveled through wild animal trails to the most remote and beautiful places, some of these completely unknown to the public at the time (before the internet). But the passion for photography spoke louder. Throughout my science degree every time I had free time, I would go photograph wildlife and nature. I spent endless hours inside shelters to get the perfect picture, I suffered with cold, snow, rain, ice, heat, sun, I suffered with all the adversities that we encounter when we are in the middle of nowhere. I walked through forests, valleys, rivers, unobtainable places, camped under the stars, watched and recorded unique moments. Due to my passion for documentaries I end up filming during some moments, but still very amateur. Some photographs have been published in magazines, brochures, books, websites, and have been awarded in various contests. I collaborated with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation on the "One Month ... One Bird" project that took place in their gardens in Lisbon and resulted in an excellent guide: "The Birds of the Gulbenkian Garden".

I recently released my first book, the "Wildlife Guide of Tapada da Ajuda". This guide was written, translated, designed and illustrated by me, from the first day until the launch it was a project that I loved being a part of even with all the problems encountered along the way. It can be purchased at the Agrolivro bookstore.

I collaborate with several companies and entities, such as SPEA at the Birdwatching Festival in Sagres and in the Pardela magazine, with  Biodiversidade e + in the environmental consulting section, I take photo tours with GreenTrekker (consult the schedule), among others.

I work all over the world, so if you are not going to get married in Portugal, it's okay, feel free to contact me.

(+351) 918 134 170 | info@dophotography.net